Shepherd of the Mountains 

A Lutheran Ministry in Cascade, Idaho

Our Faith Community:

Worships @ 8:30am every Sunday  // Serves our Community with Soup and Scripture and the Cascade Food bank // Weekly Bible Study Discussion on Sunday @ 10am (on break until the fall 2021 because of the COVID-19 crisis)

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LIVE WORSHIP IN OUR SANCTUARY @ 8:30AM, Sunday, August 1st

Sunday, August 1st, 2021, we will be in our worship facility for LIVE worship continuing the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus!  Robin will be sharing his last worship time with us as our pastor before he retires from full-time church work this month.  So, be there!


join us in Cascade (SOTM is on Highway 55 in downtown Cascade) at 8:30am for worship.  If for any reason you aren't feeling well or want to take some extra health safety precautions, you can view a pre-recorded worship service WORSHIP ON DEMAND) (click here).   There is also a live streaming worship service on Facebook LIVE (11am Mountain time) @oursaviormccall Facebook page or YouTube Live - Robin Dugall channel. 


Every Sunday promises to be awesome time of spiritual reflection on the Bible focused on some challenging teaching on following Jesus!  Join in our time of worship, prayer and singing praises to God.  Worship and growing in Jesus should be our number one priority!  We want to see you there Sunday!

Robin continues to pre-record worship experiences and have them available for you to view at Our Savior's church’s website. The services will be linked through email and on Facebook/YouTube platforms.  Please email Robin if you do not receive email worship updates and would like to be on that list ( pre-recorded services include music, readings from the Bible, Bible teaching, prayers, and a sermon.


Worship is

the most significant commitment 

you can make in your life

as you follow Jesus!

 This week, music, prayer, community, worship, and encouragement ​from God's Word. 

We worship in song, prayer, reading of the Bible, teaching, holy communion, fellowship and giving!




If you would like to see some important resources (study guides, videos, etc.) CLICK  HERE!  


      If you are NOT getting the weekly email devotion, email          Robin and he'll sign you up!  He's currently writing more and more on Discipleship and what it means to follow Jesus.

Thank you for submitting a prayer request to our congregation! We will join you in seeking the Lord in prayer!