Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church @ Cascade

Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church @ Cascade
For info or to talk to Robin Dugall Pastor 
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A ministry of Jesus followers in the
Long Valley of Idaho
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Shepherd of the Mountains 

A Lutheran Ministry in Cascade, Idaho

Our Faith Community:

Worships @ 8:30am every Sunday  // Serves our Community with Soup and Scripture and the Cascade Food bank // Weekly Bible Study Discussion on Sunday @ 10am

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Click on this picture to download a 36 page "booklet" written by Pastor Robin
about Jesus

Worship is

the most significant commitment 

you can make in your life

as you follow Jesus!

 This week, music, prayer, community, worship, and encouragement ​from God's Word. 

We worship in song, prayer, reading of the Bible, teaching, holy communion, fellowship and giving!



This coming Sunday, we continue the Advent Season (our Four week preparation for Christmas -  see more info here on soup lunches, worship services, etc.).  Sunday, December 15th, Robin will be teaching on one of the most important aspects of God's character, nature and disposition toward us that we all need to embrace - God is PATIENT!  You may struggle with patience...but God is patient in His love to you!  That's an awesome truth that we will remind ourselves of this coming week as we continue our Advent journey.  Again, Sunday promises to be awesome time of spiritual reflection on the Bible focused on some challenging teaching on following Jesus!  Join in our time of worship, prayer and singing praises to God.  Don't miss our worship time this week!  

In addition, AFTER worship, stick around for some refreshments AND a Bible study time that is looking at the APOSTLE'S CREED using the video series, "What Christians Ought to believe."


At Shepherd of the Mountains @ Cascade - 8:30am

Music, Prayer, Celebration worship,

a message from Robin.  


      If you are NOT getting the weekly email devotion, email          Robin and he'll sign you up!  He's currently exploring how Jesus is the lens through which we see who
God REALLY is!  
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Advent 2019