Shepherd of the Mountains 

A Lutheran Ministry in Cascade, Idaho

Our Faith Community:

Worships @ 8:30am every Sunday  // Serves our Community with Soup and Scripture and the Cascade Food bank // Weekly Bible Study Discussion on Sunday @ 10am (on break until further notice because of the COVID-19 crisis).  We will continue to have our refreshment time after worship!

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Sunday, January 23rd, 2022

Sunday, January 23rd, 2022, we will be in our worship facility for LIVE worship continuing the celebration of the grace of Jesus!  We will be continuing our celebration of the season of Epiphany and commemorating LIFE SUNDAY.  Pastor Rich will also be teaching/preaching on a powerful section of the Old Testament, Psalm 139.  This will be a real memorable worship service...don't miss it!


Join us in Cascade (SOTM is on Highway 55 in downtown Cascade) at 8:30am for worship.  If for any reason you aren't feeling well or want to take some extra health safety precautions, you can view a pre-recorded worship service WORSHIP ON DEMAND) (click here). 


Every Sunday promises to be awesome time of spiritual reflection on the Bible focused on some challenging teaching on following Jesus!  Join in our time of worship, prayer and singing praises to God.  Holy Communion is celebrated the second and fourth Sundays of every month!  Worship and growing in Jesus should be our number one priority!  We want to see you there Sunday!


Worship is

the most significant commitment 

you can make in your life

as you follow Jesus!

 This week, music, prayer, community, worship, and encouragement ​from God's Word. 

We worship in song, prayer, reading of the Bible, teaching, holy communion, fellowship and giving!


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Thank you for submitting a prayer request to our congregation! We will join you in seeking the Lord in prayer!