Shepherd of the Mountains 

THIS SUNDAY, AUGUST 7th,  we consider what Jesus taught His followers about how to live by faith, as part of our series "What Do Disciples Do?"

Join us at 8:30 am every Sunday to sing old hymns, read the Bible together, hear an encouraging message, form a community, and pray for one another. After worship we'll gather around coffee and refreshments to get to know each other better and learn how to support one another. We would love to have you worship with us! 

View "Frequently Asked Questions: About Christianity, the Bible, and
Church" our recent Bible study!
At left is a summary of our first session, "Why Believe in God?" and "Who Is Jesus?"
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Click to the right for teaching and discussion from our second session, "What Is the Holy Spirit?" and "How Did We Get the Bible?"
Click the screen to the left for teaching and discussion from our third session, "Who's to Say What's Right or Wrong?" and "How Do We Know We Are Forgiven?"
Click the screen to the right to watch our fourth session, "What's a Christian?" and "What's a Lutheran?" 
Click the screen to the left to watch our fifth session, "Why are there so many churches?" and "What in the world is the LCMS?"
Click Here for a "What's the LCMS?" Worksheet
Tune in to our new study: Matthew's Gospel of the Global Messiah! 
An eyewitness to Jesus, Matthew set out to convince his fellow Jews that Jesus was the predicted Savior--not only of the Jewish nation, but of the world! Click on the video to the right to join our discussion of Chapters 1-2. 
Want to help the people of Ukraine?

We are collecting contributions to Lutheran World Relief for the people of the Ukraine, and so far have sent in $1,500! If you want to help, make your contribution out to Shepherd of the Mountains or Lutheran World Relief and write “Ukraine” in the memo line.

We invite you to submit a prayer request to our congregation. We will join you in
seeking the Lord's guidance and goodness!